AUTOCYB's Roadside Cybersecurity Service is Under Development

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the market for this product?


A large market exists in the following areas:

The general public of registered owners of the U.S. fleet of 243 million vehicles concerned with consumer protection, Big Brother and privacy issues.

Military vehicles and federal, state, county and local government vehicles.

Vehicle OEMs who lease vehicles — they cannot permit odometer tampering, re-engineering or access to crash data.

Automotive insurance companies who seek to prevent other parties from access to serial port data. Misuse of crash data will negatively impact insurers.

Automotive rental companies who wish to avoid odometer tampering or access to crash data.

Institutional fleets such as schools, colleges and universities.

Business fleets include leasing, construction, plumbing, heating, food distribution, shipping, utilities.

Others: police, fire, EMS, taxi, etc.

Automotive aftermarket, Big Box stores.

Global Market Partners in Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.